Advice: How to deal with Mondays at work

Mondays are always long and boring. Few people like getting up and going to work. However, we need to start our weeks the best way we can, with positive thoughts and willing to face new challenges.

If you wake up every Monday morning, and get ready to go to work feeling lazy and sad because the weekend has ended, don’t worry, here’s some advice to survive, and even enjoy, Mondays at work.

  • Convince yourself. Mondays are days to enjoy. Remember: you’ve still got a whole week before the next Monday, and that’s good news.
  • Other people are even worse… Knowing your boss or supervisor has more things to worry about these days won’t make you feel happier but at least it’s something.
  • Or maybe you are… the boss and feel overwhelmed by Mondays and all your responsibilities. You’ve got a way out: you can always delegate something to somebody else.
  • Be nice! Monday morning some people get mad just by looking at a partner’s irritating smile. Be kind and the rest will be nice to you.
  • Musical therapy: Listen to your favourite song on your way to work. It’s a fact that music is able to change your state of mind.
  • Excercise: It’s also a fact that some morning excercise gives you energy for the rest of the day and even controls your appetite.
  • Set a goal: Making plans for every Monday is one of the best things to overcome the typical depression. It can be a concert, a movie, having a date or going out with your friends.
  • Don’t come back too late… if you’ve spent your weekend abroad or outside the city. Don’t come back home Sunday night or Monday morning, or it’ll be harder for you to go back to work.

Source: Afrontar los lunes en el trabajo (Empleare, Spanish Version)

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