Before you start writing your CV

It’s important before you start writing your CV to have in mind which is the information you’ll give and the order it’ll be organized. A CV has to present the information clearly and briefly, well explained and straight out. Keep in mind you’ll only have one opportunity to make a good impression on those who would hire you. Make the best out of it.

That’s why, before you start writing yout CV, you should think and answer a series of questions.

  • Who am I writing this CV for? – It’s very important to know the enterprise you want to work for and know what they’re looking for. That way, you can focus your CV on what you could offer them.
  • What’s the position I’m going for? – It’s good to have in mind the exact position and know the abilities it requires. Also, remember what tasks you liked and disliked of previous jobs, so you don’t make a mistake, choosing a position where you won’t feel comfortable.
  • Am I prepared? – Ask yourself if you fulfill the requirements they’re asking for. If you do, make them stand out, as well as any new studies or courses you’ve got.
  • What are my professional achievements? – Focus on what you can do well and feel satisfied about. If it’s related to the position, much better.
  • What’s my previous professional experience like? – Analyze your professional career. Look for ways to explain your non-working periods in a positive way and find the good side of every task you’ve done.
  • Can I speak foreign languages? – Speaking languages is one of the most required abilities by enterprises today. If you can speak a foreign language, write it down and make it stand out.
  • Am I good at computers-IT? – Make a list of the programs you know and analyze your level working with them. Put emphasis on those which can help you get the job.
  • What other experiences have I got? – There are many other tasks you can include in your CV: volunteer work, time spent travelling or studying abroad. They show your abilities and interests.

Once you’ve answered all these questions, you will get a clear vision of what your CV should look like and the way you should organize it. It’s time to start writing.

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