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We’ve seen there are different ways to organize your CV. Depending on the format you choose, you should include some sections or not, and put emphasis on particular skills while you forget about others.

This guide will focus on the chronological organization of the CV for being the most common one.

Basically, a complete CV should include the following information:

Personal information: First and last names, place and date of birth, marital status (depending on the country and enterprise), home address, contact phone numbers, e-mail address, etc.

Academic studies: Your studies, including dates, centers and place (city and/or country).

Other studies: Apart from University studies, any courses that should also include dates and places.

Professional working experience: Related to your studies or any experience that could be interesting for the employer. Don’t forget about dates, name of the enterprises you’ve worked for and your position and tasks.

Languages: Here you’ll mention the foreign languages you can speak and your level. Also add any national or international diploma, if you have them.

IT knowledge: Any programs you’ve worked with, operative systems, word processors, spreadsheet programs, database managers, presentation programs, personal information managers and e-mail communication software, design programs, internet, etc.

Additional information: In this last section, put all the information that hasn’t been included yet, like a driver’s licence, availability, etc.

This is a standard format, you can make any additions or changes but there’s some information that should always be there, such as personal data, studies, working experience… They can appear separately or inside other sections (Languages, for example), depending on the importance you want to give to each ability.

For example, for a job where Computers-IT knowledge is really important, you should give it a whole section, and even a special spot where it can stand out. However, for other jobs that don’t have it as a requirement, it could be included in the Additional Information section.

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