Making corrections

Your Curriculum Vitae has to be perfect. Not only because of the bad image mistakes can give, but also because there are some companies that are starting to scan the CVs they receive, rejecting those which contain spelling or grammar mistakes. Don’t forget, it says a lot about you.

That’s why, here we’ve got some advice for you, to make sure your CV is perfect. Don’t let a misprint get in your way!

  1. After you build your CV on your computer, print it and read it.
  2. Printing your CV on coloured paper helps for corrections. A different colour lets you see the document in a different way and you’ll find mistakes more easily.
  3. Wait one or two days and re-read the CV. You’ll surely find things to improve.
  4. Try reading your CV starting from the end to the top. That way your mental structure will change.
  5. Underline any mistake you find. While you’re making corrections with your computer, look for them so you don’t forget any of them.
  6. When it’s possible, let one or two people read your CV and help you with the corrections. After many hours working on it, it’s possible to miss a mistake or two.
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