How to write a cover letter

A cover letter has to look very professional and be writter in a clear, brief way without spelling mistakes. Its content should explain why the candidate fulfills all the requirements of the position, emphasizing the abilities, skills and knowledge the candidate has, to catch the employer’s attention, with examples based on the candidate’s previous experience.

Every cover letter should include:

  • Greeting: Every cover letter should be addressed to the person you’re interested in talking to, that is, the one who will hire you. Talk to the enterprise to make sure you’ve got the right name and be sure to spell it right.
  • Introduction: Cover letters are a way to “sell yourself”, they’re made to catch the attention of the employer. Make a presentation and explain the goal of the letter: why you’re interested in that company, area and position in particular. If you know the company well, use that knowledge. Mention projects in development, recent awards or positive comments you may have read about it. If you’re answering an ad, this is where you should mention it.
  • Body of the letter: You should make the best out of this part of the letter to show the enterprise what you’ve got to offer and why they should hire you. So, here you can tell them about your achievements, experience, skills and abilities that are useful for the position.
  • Closure: You can’t get what you haven’t asked for. Finally, ask for an interview. Be creative, don’t use the typical “I’ll be waiting for your call”. Mention you can call to arrange a meeting, not an interview. Make a proposal. Finish with a compliment, followed by your signature. You can also include your phone number, just in case.
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