Getting ready for the job interview

Before going to a job interview, we recommend you get ready for it. You always have to show confidence and to achieve that, the best is to keep the situation under control, being sure of what you do.

From our website, we recommend you follow this advice:

  • Find out everything you can about the company before the interview
  • Study your abilities, experience and education. Find your strengths
  • Take your CV and be sure you know everything that’s in it perfectly, because they’ll ask you about it
  • Find your weak points and prepare arguments to defend them
  • If they write asking you to attend, you should call to confirm
  • Don’t go to the interview with dark sunglasses
  • Check your appearance. You should avoid flashyclothes; be clean, shaved and well-dressed.
  • Go by yourself, without anyone else.
  • Arrive five minutes earlier. Punctuality is a good aspect.
  • Prepare your interview, the employer will do the same thing.
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