What not to do during a job interview

When facing a job interview, each person’s got tricks, strategies and methods to give the best of themselves. There’s no instructions manual to work as an infallible guide for the perfect interview. However, there is a list of things to avoid if you don’t want to waste your chance.

This is what you should never do during a job interview:

  • Be late. Lack of punctuality when you haven’t even started working makes a bad impression. A general rule is to arrive 5 to 10 minutes earlier to avoid unexpected events. Before going, find out where the place is and how to get there.
  • Badly dressed or too informal. Personal appearance says a lot about you, so when you attend an interview, find out about the enterprise and go dressed according to their standards. It’s not always necessary to go with a formal dress, this depends on the company, but you should try to show a professional, trustworthy image.
  • Go with someone else. Showing up with friends, parents, relatives, gives the impression of little independence and iniciative. Avoid it.
  • Interrupt. When you go to an interview, always make sure your cell phone is off or silent, because it may ring in the middle of the conversation, creating an uncomfortable situation. Focus: at that moment, there’s nothing more important than the interview.
  • Showing you’re nervous, anxious or stressed out. Body language also counts for the interviewer, so avoid any gesture that shows the awy you feel, particularly if it’s negative: biting nails, moving too much…
  • Paying too much attention to time. Looking constantly at your watch denotes anxiety and shows you think you’ve got better things to do. Relax and look confident.
  • Showing apathy, indifference or pesimism. It doesn’t matter if it’s not what you expected or you disagree on some aspects, try to be positive and see the good side of every situation, smile.
  • Focus on the salary. The job interview isn’t the right time to negociate. Focusing too much on this aspect makes a bad impression and may be counterproductive. If it’s absolutely necessary, ask but be discreet, don’t look anxious.
  • Being impolite. Thanks the company and the interviewer for the opportunity they’re giving you and focus on the positive aspects.
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