What you should avoid

When writing your CV, there’s a series of common mistakes you should avoid if you want your CV to be succesful. Know about them and keep them in mind.

  • Don’t write the title “Curriculum Vitae” at the top, this information is already known. It’s much better to start with your full name, with a bigger font, and your personal information.
  • Don’t make it long. Be clear, brief and organized. Too much information will be boring to the employer.
  • Avoid mentioning salary expectations. There’ll be time for that.
  • It’s not necessary to explain every detail about the reasons you don’t have a job or why you ended a particular contract. If it’s interesting to the enterprise, they’ll ask about it during the interview.
  • It’s better if you don’t mention any politics or religious preference. You don’t know the person who’s going to read your CV and how it may influence them.
  • Use a standard vocabulary, no technical, “big” words, but no colloquial terms or slang either.
  • It’s not necessary to add references to your CV, except if the employer requires it. The same thing happens with your studies grades.
  • If you’ve written a chronological CV, try not to leave visible non-working periods of time. These can create a bad image, even if it’s not true. In case you’ve got big holes, it’s better to go with the functional CV.
  • Don’t mention every seminar or course you’ve attended. Your CV space is limited so choose only the more relevant ones.
  • Don’t mention hobbies unless they are related to the position.
  • Do not lie. Although this doesn’t mean you have to tell the whole truth. “Sell yourself” the best you can.
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