CV formats: Chronological

This CV format is, as we can tell by its name, the one that organizes the information chronologically, starting with the oldest achievements and ending with the most recent ones. This allows the employer to know the evolution of your professional career, although it doesn’t always make it easier to get the fundamental goal of any CV: the job interview.

The positive side of this kind of organization is it makes your career stability and evolution stand out. It emphasizes the increase of tasks or any promotion.

However, it also shows if you’ve had any non-working period or if you’ve suffered frequent changes of your place of work. This makes it an obligation to give explanations or even fill in the blanks with information that is not relevant for the work you’re going for.

That’s why this CV type is recommended if you have good working experience, haven’t gone from one job to the other or have many periods where you didn’t work at all. It’s also interesting to emphasize on any working experience in a well-known enterprise.

The chronological CV can also be presented the other way around, that is, starting with your latest achievements and occupation to end with the first one. It’s a less traditional presentation but it’s getting more demand from enterprises. The first advantage is it makes the more recent experiences stand out, and these are the most interesting ones for the people who are going to hire you.

Advantages of the chronological CV

  • It’s the more traditional and accepted format for most employers.
  • It’s easy to read and understand, because its structure is strong.
  • It makes your working stability and increase of tasks or promotions stand out.
  • It describes your tasks and achievements in every job.

Disadvantages of the chronological CV:

  • It shows if you’ve changed from one job to the other too often and also lack of promotion and inactivity periods.
  • It can focus too much on your age.
  • It also shows lack of new studies or courses.

Chronological CV template

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