Advice: Make your CV more attractive

Looking for a job is never easy, we all know that. However, with the world economic crisis, enterprises have less work to offer and don’t want to hire new people, and it makes it even more difficult to find a job. That’s why, from our website, we want to give you some advice to help you make your CV more attractive.

  1. Focus on what you’ve done, not what you know. In times when economy is unstable, companies go for strong, solid candidates. If you can show in your CV that you’re a capable, organized person you’ll have many more opportunities to get a job. So make your experience and achievements stand out more than ever.
  2. Worry about the company. Remember these are bad times for everyone, companies as well (specially smaller ones). So show you worry and care about the projects you’ve been part of, this way you’re telling your future employer you’ll do everything you can to help in the development of projects in his company.
  3. Write cover letters. Not only the CV is important. The cover letter can be the perfect way to get closer to the company. Show your concern, mention the times of crisis and try to suggest solutions, ideas.
  4. Don’t focus only on the salary. If it’s not right to mention salary expectations in your CV, it’s even worse in times when economy is unstable. Know what you need and what you’re willing to accept to work, but try to leave it for later.
  5. Be positive. This is a maxim of the CV. Employers don’t want to hear you critizise or complaints, but ideas and solutions. Even if you really need the job and the crisis is affecting you, don’t put it in your CV, it’s counterproductive.
  6. Show your versatility. When companies aren’t hiring many people, they prefer candidates with many skills, capable of managing different kinds of tasks. If you consider yourself a versatile person, make it stand out in your CV and cover letter.
  7. Show you’re responsible and trustworthy. In times of distrust among companies, workers… Go against the flow and show you’re responsible and trustworthy. Mention tasks related to it. Use keywords like organizing, developing, planning…
  8. Be flexible. Don’t be too rigid, show you’re flexible speaking of your achievements or mentioning your working experience and show your adaptation skills in your cover letter.
  9. Diversify your CV. If you still haven’t got an on-line CV or haven’t tried the Web CV and the Video resume, this is the right time to do it. Diversify, make your CV stand out in different places. The more you do it, the bigger chances you’ll have of getting a job.
  10. Be creative. Make the best out of the bad times. Be creative and show you’re different. It’s a time of change and new ideas, what can be very good for you, if you know how to do it.

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