Asking for a letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation can open many doors. Someone recommending you means you’ve benn good at your previous job and this, for the future, is valuable information. So pay attention to this aspect.

Here you’ve got some advice if you need to ask for a letter of recommendation:

  • Don’t ask: “Could you write a reference letter for me?” Anyone can write one, the problem is what they’re going to write.
  • So you should always ask: “Do you think you know me and my work enough to write a good letter of recommendation?” or straight out “Do you think you could help me with good references?”. This way, you’ll give the writer of the letter an easy way out if they don’t feel comfortable and you can be sure whoever says “yes” is satisfied with your work and can write a positive letter.
  • Offer an updated version of your CV and information about your skills and experience.
  • Apart from references, during the job interview they may ask you for information to get in touch with your current supervisors. However, future employers should have your permission before doing it so they don’t make you lose your job.
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