Body language at work

Body language reveals lots of things about you. Nail biting, hair twirling or moving too much on your chair are things an interviewer pays attention to because they reveal your state of mind or your feelings towards them and the company.

Here’s what they show, try to make the best out of the knowledge of body language:

  • Touching your jaw – Making decisions
  • Joining hands – Authority
  • Pulling your earlobe – Insecurity
  • Looking down – Disbelief
  • Rubbing hands – Impatience
  • Squeezing nose – Negative thoughts
  • Figer tapping – Impatience
  • Sitting with hands over your head – Feeling sure of yourself and superior
  • Inclining head – Showing interest
  • Hand palm open – Honesty, frankness and innocence
  • Standing with hands on your waist – Good predisposition
  • Hair twirling – Lack of self-confidence and insecurity
  • Biting nails – Insecure or nervous
  • La cabeza sobre las manos o mirar hacia el piso – Aburrimiento
  • Joining ankles – Apprehention
  • Joining hands behind your back – Fury, anger, frustration and apprehension
  • Sitting with legs crossed, bouncing foot – Boredom
  • Arms crossed – Defensive attitude
  • Walking with hands in your pockets – Dejection
  • Hands to cheeks – Evaluation
  • Rubbing eye – Doubt
  • Slightly touching your nose – Doubt, lying or rejecting something
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