CV formats: Mixed

It’s the most complete of all the three formats although, because of the same reason, the most difficult to elaborate. The combination or mixed CV is a mix of the chronological and the functional ones. It always starts like the functional model, organizing the information by topics to continue with the organization by periods. This way, it emphasizes your skills and at the same time, it shows your experience and studies.

Advantages of the mixed CV:

  • It clearly shows your skills and achievements, along with your experience and studies.
  • It allows flexibility and creativity, so it helps you stand out while applying for a job in particular.

Disadvantages of the mixed CV:

  • It’s not a good format to be presented in places where the ask for standard forms, for example, job-searching internet webpages.
  • You need a different CV for each job you apply to and this requires time.

Mixed CV template

Modelo Kassel
Modelo Vegas
Modelo Hexa
Modelo Route

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