Getting ready for the job interview: The day before

Getting ready for the job interview is critical. Having everything ready beforehand can help us to avoid oversights and we’ll be more relaxed when facing the appointment. That’s why we should follow a series of recommendations right since the previous day.

* Read your resume carefully. This will help you remember the information and avoid mistakes during the interview. You should show you know your CV perfectly, since all questions asked will come from the information in it. So remember your skills, experience and education.
* Imagine the interview and if possible, find someone to help you out making you possible questions, so you can prepare answers. Make a list of your weaknesses and prepare arguments to defend them. Practice in front of the mirror or with other people. Remember the interviewer will also prepare and will know if you’ve done it too or not.
* Interviewers appreciate it when the candidate shows enough interest in the company and its projects. It’s therefore recommended to become familiar with the company. The easiest way to do this is through its website (if they have one). Learn about the type of business they develop, its location and other important details that you could mention during the interview to show your interest to the interviewer. Be careful while searching because not all information online is 100% updated. And above all, don’t make mistakes and mix up their products or services with those of other companies or the competition.
* Plan your transportation, especially if you’ve never been to the place of the interview. How do I get there? How long does it take to arrive? If possible, make the route a few days before. Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
* Prepare the clothes that you will wear in the interview and leave it all in one place. Check that everything is clean.
* Set the alarm clock to a reasonable hour, so that you have time to get ready, but not too early so you don’t get too nervous. The evening before it’s better to go to bed early and after a light, low-fiber meal that doesn’t cause gas or bad breath. This way, you’ll feel rested the day of the interview.

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