How to dress for the job interview

Being well dressed for the job interview is very important. Looks say a lot about yourself, so when you show up for an interview, keep in mind what the image of the company is and try to fit in it.

Dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean having to wear a suit. The trick is to show yourself the way you are, but trying to look professional and trustworthy. Here are some tips on what not to do.

* As a general rule, dark colours like blue or gray are better. Wearing black may look too serious. If worn, be sure to wear another color near your face to soften the image.
* Shirts are preferred over T-shirts. If the situation requires it, wear a tie.
* Do not wear running shoes or other types of casual shoes. It’s too informal.
* If you wear a suit, make sure it fits you. Neither too loose nor too tight. Make sure it’s not too old-fashioned.
* You shouldn’t wear shorts or leg warmers.
* If you’re a woman, don’t paint your nails with bright or strange colours. Keep them clean.
* Avoid too much jewellery: Don’t wear more than two rings per hand or one earring per ear.
* If you choose to go with your legs uncovered, wear leggings, even if it’s hot. The colour should match your shoes.
* Be careful with your accesories. It’s better to wear discreet and stylish bags than too modern ones.
* Avoid leather or sports jackets.
* Change your clothes for a second interview, the color of your blouse, shirt or tie.
* An interview isn’t a place for you to show off, but if your career or the position you aspire to is related to art, you could try looking more fashionable.

In any case, what you wear should highlight the fact that you are a professional, reliable and confident person, ready to work on a new job. Let your common sense guide you.

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