Job interview: References

The job interview is the last step in the job search process, and therefore the most important. You shouldn’t forget that. Say you’ve sent your CV and have been offered a job interview. It’s very likely that your interviewers wish to know your references before they make any offers. Having good references is a key element in getting good jobs. But let’s go step by step…

What are references and why are they important?

References are documents where a person provides information about someone, detailing their strengths and weaknesses or any other information that is relevant to the recipient, in this case, the interviewer.

What should a reference contain?

First, the person who writes it should explain his or her relationship with you: where and how you met, how long have they known you… After this, the person must explain what qualities in you can make you eligible for the position, like your abilities, your level of responsibility and honesty, among other things.

When it comes to a job reference, usually former bosses (supervisors, employers…) are the ones who will describe your skills, performances and potential

I just finished my career, what references could I have?

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