The CV in France

A French CV should be in chronological order (starting from the most recent activity, if possible) or functional (that is, presenting working experience by topics). Choose the best one for you. Its style should be brief and clear. The CV should be 1 to 3 pages long (A4 format). It should be easy to read, printed and well-structured.

The CV should include the following information:

  1. Personal information (full name, address, phone number, age, marital status and, in some cases, nationality).
  2. Education (only high school or University diplomas; be clear about your knowledge of foreign languages).
  3. Working experience (mention position, level and responsibilities, with examples and, if possible, exact dates).
  4. Other activities (optional).

If you’re a man, you should clearly mention if you’ve served in the military. If you come from a country where military service doesn’t exist or isn’t mandatory, explain it.

French companies prefer a brief CV. Give detailed information about your previous positions and achievements.If you include information about other activities and hobbies, you should be prepared to answer questions about them (for example, if you mention you like reading, you may be asked about the last book you’ve read).

Recent graduates should include students practice in the “Working experience” section. If you’ve got less than 4 years of experience, you should also mention them.

In France, it’s not common to send a CV with an American format. However, it’s becoming more frequent to write “un projet professionel” (a professional project). It doesn’t replace the CV, but it’s an addition to it.

Its main goal is to describe the candidate’s professional goal. This goal should be clear and contain information about the tasks, level of responsibility and salary the candidate wishes, as well as the area and kind of company he’d like to work for.

Analyze your professional evolution and knowledge: What are your skills? What’s your social and professional ambition? Make sure your “projet professionel” is realistic and fits the market’s offers.

You should consider the “project professionel” useful for you. It helps you look for a job, because this way, you know exactly what you want.

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