The CV in Greece

There aren’t any strict rules here. In general, Greek CVs are 3 to 5 pages long and always go with a cover letter and certificates (academic diplomas, good health certificates and lack of criminal records).

There’s usually a photography. You have to give a least the names of 3 people as references, the companies usually contact them before giving a candidate the job.

Greek CVs are complete and detailed and usually use a chronological order. The can be printed or hand-written. You have to sign it at the bottom.

  • The Studies section should start with the High school diploma. Grades are less important than practice and projects.
  • Working experience is considered very important. That’s why all your experience should be mentioned, every responsibility and task in your current and previous jobs, emphasizing achievements.
  • When possible, candidates should mention the number of people who worked for him. Other activities and hobbies are optional but considered a very good addition.
  • If you’re a man, you should clearly mention if you’ve served in the military (it’s common to finish it before starting to look for a job).

Write a long CV and remember a big amount of documents make a good impression on Greek companies. Remember it’s necessary to speak Greek fluently.

For Greek enterprises, the most important factors are education level and ability to communicate. Greek companies also pay attention to other activities, so you should make them stand out.

A CV with an American format is becoming more frequent, particularly with people with working experience.

This kind of CV is less structured and sometimes shorter than the typical one. However, it can also consist of 3 to 5 pages.

The main differences are its order is not chronological and the professional goal is included, at the beginning or the end. Dates may be included but what should stand out are the candidate’s skills and experience. It doesn’t mention age, sex, race or religion.

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