The Freelance Worker

When we talk about work, there’s always the possibility to  do it on your own. This is known as being a Freelance worker or Freelancer.

A freelance worker is one whose business is to work as an independent professional, for others who require his or her services.

Usually associated with the image of a person who doesn’t want to feel attached to any special demands or limits in terms of hours, how to dress, etc… However, this stereotype is changing to a much more realistic one. Truth is the economic world crisis and fear of losing their jobs prompts many people to try and offer their services as a freelancer.

At first, the main area to start using this method was Journalism. Written press media, besides having a permanent staff of employees, would ask  other people to write articles and pay for each of them, or the other way around, accept articles freelance journalists would offer them. This was subsequently applied in other fields such as computer programming, graphic design, consulting, photography, translations, and many other professional and creative areas.

Internet has facilitated the expansion of this type of work in areas like software development, web site design and IT because it allows the freelancer to work from home, sometimes far from the company and even in a different country.

Also, there are many websites dedicated to these professionals.

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