Types of job interviews: Structured

The structured interview is the most rigid one of all, since everything is based on a set of predetermined questions all applicants must answer to get a job in particular.

This helps the interviewer to get a good idea of the candidate‘s general skills, but doesn’t allow the recruiter to delve into more interesting questions. It’s recommended for companies that need to fill many positions at once and can’t spend too much time in the selection process.

The duration can change, depending on the company. It can be reduced to basic, most important issues or be quite long, with questions about the candidate‘s entire work experience.

In any case, you should always prepare some information in advance regarding issues that could come up. Interviewers usually write down the questions so they can focus only on the response, and make the candidate feel less nervous, since he or she realizes the interviewer isn’t acting out of curiosity.

However, depending on the case, the structured interview isn’t recommended since during this type of interview, both the recruiter and the applicant may have the feeling of being immersed in a mechanical process that can be in many cases counterproductive.

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