Watch the way you speak

In a job interview everything counts. Not only what you’ve done, your resume or your experience. First impression also matters, as well as your qualities and what others see in you. It’s therefore important to look after your appearance, the way you move and the way you express yourself.

The same thing can be said in many ways. Some will be good for you, others won’t. Here are a few tips to learn to get the most out of your speech.

* Do not say “I think…” or “I believe…” This shows lack of confidence or shyness. Say “I’m sure…” or “I’m convinced that…” instead.
* Do not say things like “What I did is irrelevant.” Show appreciation for your work saying “I’m satisfied with what I did”
* Even if you have doubts, don’t show them. Avoid saying “I don’t know if I’m good enough”, “This scares me” or “It’s too big for me” and remember “Positive beats negative.” Show confidence saying “I’ll do my best”.
* Do not say “I have flaws, since it’s obvious that nobody is perfect, better say” I will overcome any obstacles. ”
* Also, do not think “There are better jobs”, or “I don’t know if it’s good for me.” Instead, think the job “fits my abilities or interests.” “I can do it.”

In speaking, as in everything else, confidence is key. Trust yourself and your abilities, be proud of what you’ve done well and do not focus on your fears or insecurities.

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