Working at home… is it worth it?

Are you tired of typical jobs and are thinking of starting to work at home? Have you always wanted to set your own working schedule and not having to leave the living room to work? Then telecommuting-telework is your thing. But we recommend, before you take the first step, you consider its pros and cons.

Advantages of working at home

  1. Flexibility: Possibly the biggest advantage. Work as much as you want and the way you want. It’s a fact that some people find working during the night more productive. For them, this system is perfect.
  2. No boss: With nobody giving orders or controlling you, stress is reduced considerably. However, you should avoid resting too much or the lack of interest will turn things against you.
  3. It’s healthier: There’s no place like home to eat and that’s another benefit of working at home. Follow a healthy diet, cook or play sports and your health will improve.
  4. More time for family: If you live with your family or partner, you can organize your day much better.
  5. Work anywhere: Another very interesting aspect is the fact of being able to work from anywhere, with just a computer and internet connection.

Disadvantages of working at home

  1. Loneliness: If you’re not part of a team, working from home can make you feel pretty lonely and even though for many people this wouldn’t be a problem, there are others who would consider it a disadvantage.
  2. Too many distractions: If you’re living with your family, get ready to be distracted by anything, keep in mind people find it hard to understand you’re working with your computer if you’re in your room. Besides, if you can’t concentrate at all, it can be your worst enemy.
  3. It requires discipline: Freedom is great but it requires great discipline from you to work. Are you disciplined?
  4. Always the same place: Having your office and home in the same spot can turn out to be exhausting. Working in an office lets you draw a line and you know you work there and relax at home.
  5. A job difficult to explain to others: You have to understand, in the eyes of others, many times you’ll be no more than a lazy person who doesn’t even leave his or her room to go to work. This may not seem as a problem but in some cases it can be, for example if you’re thinking of getting a bank loan, etc.
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