Working experience

In this section you should show, in a clear and brief way, your working experience, whether it’s related to your studies, to the professional areas you’ve worked for or any experience that may be of interest to the employer.

Don’t forget to mention the dates, names of the enterprises and tasks of your previous positions.

Many times it’s not enough to name the position and name of the enterprise you’ve worked for. Experts give more importance to a CV that specifies the tasks, responsibilities and achievements.

In addition, many times it’s recommended to include some essential information about the enterprise you’ve worked for and particularly if it’s not well-known.

If your choice is a functional CV what you have to do is write down a list of all the enterprises you’ve worked for, detailing your activities and responsibilities. After that, make groups depending on your abilities and organize them trying to make some of them stand out.

If you consider your working experience relevant, you can give more importance to this section by putting it before your Studies.

Don’t forget to follow these basic rules:

  • Make your achievements in every job stand out.
  • Avoid sentences that don’t add anything, like “typical tasks of the position”.
  • Try to focus on the working experience that’s related to the area of the enterprise you want to work for. However, don’t ommit experience that’s not related because they show you’re an active person. If you’ve got space, you can include them in a different section or even in “Additional information”.
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