Writing a letter of recommendation

To access certain jobs it’s possible they ask for references or recommendations from previous jobs. That’s why it’s important you know what these letters are like and how they’re written.

Necessary information

If you’re not sure about what you should include in the reference letter, ask the person you’re going to recommend for a copy of his or her CV and a list of achievements. This will be a guide for you at the time of writing the letter.

What should a Letter of recommendation include?

  • First paragraph
The first paragraph of the reference letter explains your connection to the person you’re recommending, including how you met them and why you’re qualified to write the letter of recommendation for the job.
  • Second paragraph

The second paragraph contains specific information about the person you’re writing about, including why he or she is qualified, what the candidate can offer and why you’re writing the letter. You can use more than one paragraph for details, if necessary.

  • Third paragraph

When writing a letter of recommendation for a job in particular, it should include information about the way the candidate’s skills fit the ones required for the job. Ask for a copy of the job offer and the candidate’s CV as a guide.

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