How to address the pregnancy issue during a job interview

It’s likely that during a job interview, if you’re pregnant, questions regarding your situation will come up. For example, the interviewer may describe the job requirements and ask if you would be able to carry them out or not. In this case it’s good to prepare a sincere and convincing response. Don’t lie, because it won’t help. If you’re not able to perform a certain task it’s better to admit it than putting your health or your baby’s life in danger.

You’re not obliged to talk about your pregnancy. However, if you decide to do so, it would be good for you to know beforehand what your plans are (maternity leave, etc). Prepare some answers so you can feel much more relaxed during the interview.

In any case, either you address the issue of pregnancy or not, always remember your goal and go for it. Defend the importance of working, show your strengths and abilities for the job. If you notice the recruiter only focuses his or her attention on the topic of pregnancy, take the lead and try to redirect the conversation to continue talking about the job position. Do it carefully, without sudden changes of subject or a bad attitude.

If they eventually decide not to hire you, you can ask why. If you suspect your pregnancy may have something to do with it, and think you’re a victim of discrimination, you can find someone to help you take legal actions.

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