The second job interview

If you’ve been asked for a second interview, it means things are going well and you’ve successfully passed the first test. Don’t miss this opportunity!

In the second interview, the competition is bigger, because there are fewer candidates, but better prepared and with good skills. Therefore, the impression you make on this second meeting is decisive. On this occasion, the company will be interested in you, your skills, abilities and achievements, but in a much deeper way.

But now you have the cards in your favor. In the first interview, the interviewer gave you some clues about the job, the company and the skills they considered essential, so the best you can do is remember. What are they looking for? How I can enhance these abilities? are questions that should prevail in the preparation of the second interview.

To do this, it’s useful to do a self-evaluation of the first interview. Seize the time you have between both meetings to improve, correct any mistakes and prepare your answers.

All the advice we’ve given you for the first interview, are also valid for the second one. However, in this second occasion, the questions are likely to be much deeper and personal, so your answers should be too.

It’s a good time to take a more active role. Uses the information you have now and start working for the company. Make comments and suggestions. If the interview is long, perhaps even over lunch or dinner, you may have the opportunity to ask questions about who would be your future boss, supervisor or partner.

The key to success in the job interview process is preparation and patience. If you work carefully on both, you’ll be able to show yourself in the best possible way and other employees will consider you a strong and efficient candidate.

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