Types of job interviews: Unstructured or free

The unstructured or free interview is open, without a predefined order, almost like a conversation. This technique consists of questions based on the answers that come up during the interview.

Thus, opposite to the structured interview, in this type of meeting the interviewer only has a rough idea of what he or she is going to ask the candidate and will improvise depending on the answers. Also, emphasis is more on the analysis of impressions than of facts.

The main drawback of this type of interview is that, by not having a list of topics and issues, the recruiter may forget some important questions about the applicant’s knowledge, skills or experience. When this happens, the company misses the chance to get information that may be of interest.

However, this type of job interview is undoubtedly the one interviewers like the most because of the freedom it gives them to interact with the candidates.

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