Curriculum Vitae: Glossary

All the keywords you need to know to build a good CV, from A to Z

  • Chronological CV: It’s the CV that organizes information chronologically,starting with the oldest achievements and ending with the most recent ones. Know more >
  • Combination or mixed CV: It’s the kind of CV that combines parts of the chronological CV and the functional one. It always starts with the functional format, organizing information by areas or topics, to continue with organization according to time-dates. Know more >
  • Cover letter or application letter: It’s a document that usually goes with the CV where, in a much more personal way, the candidate’s skills are explained for a particular job position. Know more >
  • Curriculum Vitae: It’s a document that summarizes the working experience, education and skills of a candidate for a job search. Know more >
  • Functional CV: It’s the CV that organizes information by topics or areas instead of doing it chronologically. A quick glimpse of the most important information. Know more >
  • Letter of recommendation: Document where a person, most of the time a former boss, names the candidate’s skills and mentions he or she is ideal for the job offer. It doesn’t usually go with the CV. Know more >
  • Mixed CV: see Combination CV.
  • Resume: Usually its meaning is the same as the CV (resume in the US, CV in the UK) but with some differences. Know more >
  • Video resume – Video CV: It’s a type of CV that’s on the increase, particularly in English-speaking countries. It consists in a video recording where the candidate explains his or her skills for a job position in particular. Know more >
  • Web CV: It’s a personal website, designed as a CV, including the candidate’s skills and achievements. Being on the internet, any company or employer in the world can have access to it. Know more >
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